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Post by cyanide Yesterday at 11:47 am

Age:old like oak, wise like ocaen, true like 150 year old turtle lmao
Country: west mozambique
Past Clans: millions ive been playing this shit for like 9 years
Time on the server: idk server ded for 4 years but probably a lot
Friends in the clan: i forgot everyone, aeris best tabula best rest is wack as F*** nigga
Reason for joining: i want admin on 2017 RS3 revival
Special skills: f***ing a vacuum cleaner, gordon ramsy is my dad and every night before he molest me he makes me cook him mozzarella topped onion omlette, and it betta not be bloody raw geeza, or ill shank your f***ing nan infront of tescos
I read/understand our rules: yes
I read/understand the Recruiting Process topic: yes


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